facebook stories – Once a Year (doc spot 1min52sec)

Friendship can make even the longest distances seem short. Michael Ahmadi and Laszlo Esztegar were friends in grade school in Cologne, Germany. After Laszlo moved to Budapest, Hungary, when they were 15, the guys tried to visit each other at least once a year. In late 2013, they started collaborating on a music project even though they were physically apart. Using Facebook Messages, they chat about ideas and share lyrics and audio clips back and forth. When their songs are nearly complete, they meet in a studio in Budapest to record the final vocals together. They call their band Once A Year.

Client: Facebook Inc.

Director: Michael Binz
Director of Photography: Fred Schirmer
Editor: Tom Vennekötter
Sound: Pirmin Punke
Production: Bildundtonfabrik
Producer: J. Patrick Arbeiter