Cosmo (short film 5min)

Status: in post-production!

“Cosmo” is the story of an astronaut who finds it hard to return to earth after a trip to the moon.
Fulfilling his childhood dream of seeing the earth from space doesn’t result in the endorphin rush he hoped for, but rather a feeling of emptiness.
In the knowledge that he will never “go up there” again, Cosmo trudges through life as if weighed down by lead.
The earth’s gravitational pull seems to have tripled while he was away.
His only protection from the rest of the world is the spacesuit that he hasn’t taken off since the end of the mission.
The search for the feeling of weightlessness on earth begins.

Cast: Enno Kalisch, Andreas Engelmann, Fabienne Hesse, Anne Bassiner, Gerhard Fehn, Georg Lenzen and Josef Wolf

Director: Michael Binz
Director of Photography: Jesse Mazuch
Producer: Simon „Womse“ Glass
Editor: Tom Vennekötter